Apr 25, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Ralph, the rabbit

Ralph, the rabbit
Ralph, the rabbit was a special request from my local children library. They wanted to have a rabbit as one of the prizes to win in the next fun contest for children. The display is as always eye catching and children are very happy to participate in the contest to win one of these two toys.

Ralph, and Grace

The knitting pattern for Ralph, the rabbit is available now in my Ravelry store or you can purchase the pattern by clicking on this button:

T-Bone and Ralph
Before I gave away Ralph and Grace to the library I snapped a picture of our 15 months old puppy and the rabbit. T-Bone has been a wonderful addition to our family, since we adopted him from animal shelter last year in April. Somehow I did not imagine that the tiny puppy we brought home would grow up so much.....
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