Dec 4, 2017

Attaching zippers - tutorial

Some of my knitting patterns have an option of adding a zipper. Pictured bellow as a sample is my  minion pencil box
minion pencil box

Here is a simple tutorial to make it easier for my blog readers, or visitors.

Step 1. Pin the zipper to the knitted piece, using a sewing pins.
If using a layer of fabric, pin the zipper between the two layers of fabric and knitted fabric.

Step 1 - pin together zipper and knitted fabric

Step 1 - pin together zipper and fabric and knitted fabric
Step 2. Using a needle and a tread sew together the layers with easily removable thread. The stitches can be long and slightly loose as they will be later removed. Remove the pins.

Step 2 - loosely sew together the zipper and fabric layers. 
Step 3. Using a sewing machine, or by hand,  sew the zipper firmly to the knitted fabric, and (if using) to the fabric.
Step 3 - zipper sewn by hand
Step 3 - zipper sewn on a sewing machine
Step 4. The zipper should be securely attached. Remove the loosely sewn thread from Step 2.

Finished project
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