Sep 23, 2017

Work in Progress - Fall

Somehow summer slipped into fall and it seems that even my knitting is inspired by the season.
A while back I bought fabric with a small hexagon shaped owls and created  Helga, the hexagon owl

I also created a PJ bag and a hexagon shaped baby blanket which resemble a giant owl.

Hexagon owl set

Knitting pattern for Hexagon Owl Set is at the editing and test knitting stage and will be available next month.

Another ongoing project is a knitting class that I will be teaching at our local library. We agreed that the class should be aimed at beginners and I have created a pattern for the class and named it Rectangle.
We all started with a small rectangle of knitting when we first learned to knit. Depending on the patience of the people in the class, they can create a scarf, or a bag.

Rectangle - scarf
Rectangle - bag
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