Jun 16, 2017

Work in progress IV and Summer Reading Program

Library donation 2017
Every year our library have summer reading program for children to encourage reading. Children read and for every book they read (or the smaller one had read to them) they earn a raffle ticket. Volunteers and local businesses provides the prices children can win.

This year I gave the toys pictured above. I hope that whomever win the toys will love them. Sometimes when I visit the library I love to see the tickets in the container next to my knitted toys. It makes me feel happy to see that children are still interested in an old fashioned toys rather then electronics.

I was hoping to finish the minions and donate them as well, since the movie Despicable Me 3 is about to be released at the end of this month. But as you can see from the picture bellow, the minions are still work in progress......

Thank you for visiting.