Apr 29, 2017

Work in Progress

Cloudy Day Wrap - week 1
About two weeks ago, I started to work on my new design, Cloudy Day Wrap, knitted in Knitpicks Gradient Stroll yarn in color named "Sea You Later".

About the same time we also adopted a puppy from animal shelter and somehow my knitting time evaporated.  But things are getting better, and I did find few moments in between the chaos to sit down and knit. The puppy usually keeps me company.

Cloudy Day Wrap - week 2
 I am about half way through the work on the wrap and I just love how the color changes from dark to light. The second skein of yarn will be knit in reverse order, from light to dark. Once the sample is done and the pattern is written and edited and tested, we still need to take good photographs. I already envision the photo shoot taking place somewhere on a beach.

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