Nov 5, 2016

Work in progress

Grande Gatto and Kittie Pillow
This week was all about cats. I have received parcel with yarn from Knitpicks to work on my new patterns that have been accepted into their fabulous IDP (independent designer program). I have several knitting patterns in the program already and I really enjoy to participate in this program. It gives me an access to various type of their yarn and in return my patterns are available on their website.

The left Kittie Pillow is done in their worsted weight yarn, Mighty Stitch. It's a nice  and soft mix of 80% Superwash Wool and 20% Acrylic yarn. Easy to work with.
The right Grande Gatto Pillow is done in their new yarn Super Tuff Puff. Even though the yarn called for needle size US 17/ 12.75 mm I have used the size US 13 / 9 mm to make the pillow more dense and to make sure that the polyester fiberfill stays inside.

In my opinion, the fun part is done, now it's all about the work - sitting in front of PC and type up the pattern, editing, and also have the pattern test knit. All of this will take few weeks, and then the pattern will be available; just in time to knit the pillows for yourself or as a gift for the cat lover in your life. 

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