Dec 22, 2015

Knitting Patterns for House of Clubs and Black Diamond

Photo by Knitpicks
Knitting pattern for House of Clubs is third in the series of dishcloth patterns available on Knitpicks website for free.

Photo by Knitpicks
Black Diamond is the fourth pattern to complete the series of dishcloth patterns.

Deck of Card
Here you have picture of all four of the dishcloths together, and I am sure you can spot the mistake I have made when creating these patterns.

Here are the links to the other two patterns. All available to download for free on Knitpicks website.
Ace of Spades
Queen of Hearts

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  1. Queen of Hearts - I have tried and failed to make this. Cannot figure out how to sl s at the end of a row. Can you help me? How do you handle that last stitch?

    1. hello Andrea,
      the last stitch at each row is not knitted. When you are at the end of the row and have only one stitch left on your left needle )if you are right handed knitter) and everything else is on your right hand needle, you put the yarn towards the front of the work and then slip the last stitch from your left needle to your right needle without knitting it. Turn the work around and start knitting from the first stitch , repeating the slipped stitch at the end of the row again. This creates a nicer edge to your work.
      I hope this help.
      Happy knitting.