Sep 26, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Petunia, the Zipper Monster

Petunia, the zipper monster
Petunia, the zipper monster came to existence because of a random act of kindness.
One of the groups I belong on Ravelry is named Random Act of Monsters. Last year, while the group was still active, people would post requests for a small knitted act of kindness (the reasons were various: a hard times, sickness in family, difficult period in life, someone they knew needed "a cheer me up" surprise gift, etc.) and others would response and fulfill the requests by knitting a monster that would help the recipient. I have shipped few of my knitted monsters to various people all over the world, just to make them smile. One of the recipients asked for a happy monster in happy colors.
Harvey, one of the monsters from my e-book Knitted Monsters in the Closet, went onto his adventurous journey and stayed for a while in his new home. Then, this summer I was informed that Harvey needed to travel again and help someone else who needed him more. I thought that it was very generous of the person to give up Harvey so he can help someone else. I wanted to reach out and Petunia, the zipper monster is the result. Petunia, travelled to her new home and at the moment is exploring her new place.

During the process of turning my little creations into the coherent knitting pattern which others can read and understand I rely on knitting testers during the process. Of course there is also technical editing involved, but that is something entirely different. The test knitters receive the draft of knitting pattern and recreate the same knitted toy. I always enjoy how they interpret the dry words of K, P, K2tog, KFB, SSK, etc. which is what most of knitting patterns consist off.
Franken Zipper is a great example what the test knitters can do. I am very grateful for their help, and I cannot wait for our next adventure in the world of creating knitting patterns.

Franken Zipper. Photo by Waipahu

Now,  you can create your version of  Petunia, the zipper monster. Because she started as a random act of kindness I offer the pattern for free. You can download the PDF file by clicking on this button:

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or from my Ravelry store:

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