Aug 17, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Sunny, the pencil box monster

Sunny, the pencil box monster

I have been thinking about how to organize my yarn. I was looking at pictures posted by other knitters on Ravelry (yes, there is a thread devoted to organizations of your yarn) and was amazed by the creativity and ideas some people can come up with. I still haven't figured out how I would like to have my yarn organized, but this Friday I made the first step. I looked through everything and kind of organized so it looks neat and colorful.

I also realized that if I look through my yarn, I have a sudden urge to create something new and exciting. Sunny, the pencil box monster is the result. I picked the random pieces of yarn and created a happy monster in rainbow colors.

This is how Sunny looked yesterday. This morning we bought zipper in grey, just to make sure it is not overwhelming, and we have used the same fabric as we used for the minion pencil box.
Sunny, the Pencil Box Monster:
by Stana D.S. 
Finished size: Pencil box is 9” (23cm) wide and 5 ½” (15cm) tall.
Yarn: Total yardage is about 110 - 120 yards (10-12 yards each color), and remnants of white and black colored yarn. For my monster I have used Sugar and Cream cotton yarn in these colors: Kiwi, Hot Green, Robbin’s Egg, Hot Blue, Blueberry, Hot Pink, Red,  Hot Orange, Gold, Yellow, Lemon. Some of these colors might not be available, but I am sure that everybody have the basic colors of rainbow in their yarn stack.

Recommended Needles size: US # 5/3.75mm.
Notions: Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker, stitch holder, fabric 4 rectangles about 10" x 7" (26cm x 18cm), grey zipper 9"(23cm) long.

SSK= slip stitch, slip stitch, and knit the 2 stitches together, this decreases 2 stitches to 1 stitch.
KFB = Knit in front and back of the same stitch, this creates 2 stitches from 1stitch.
K2tog = knit two stitches together, this decreases two stitches to one stitch.

Gauge: 17sts& 24 rows = 4” in stockinette stitches.


This pencil box is knitted flat in stockinette (knit and purl rows). The eyes are knitted separately and sewn on.
Cast on 48sts in green (kiwi) color. Change the colors every 5 rows if using the same color scheme.
Row 1, and every odd row until row 55: Purl (48sts total)
Row 2, and every even row until row 54: Knit (48sts total).
Row 56: Knit and bind off.
Fold the knitted piece in half and sew together the sides.

White patch  (make 2): With the white yarn cast on 5sts
Row 1: Purl (5sts total)
Row 2: KFB, Knit 3, KFB (7sts total)
Row 3: Purl (7sts total)
Row 4: KFB, Knit 5, KFB (9sts total)
Row 5: Purl (9sts total)
Row 6: Knit (9sts total)
Row 7: Purl (9sts total)
Row 8: SSK, Knit 5, K2tog (7sts total)
Row 9: Purl (7sts total)
Row 10: SSK, Knit3, K2tog (5sts total)
Row 11: Purl (5sts total)
Row 12: Knit and cast off.
Sew the white patches to the pencil box using the picture as a guide. Embroider the iris of the eyes and the eyelashes with black yarn. 

Finishing:  With the black yarn embroider the smile on the face using the picture as a guide. Weave in all ends.
Use the four rectangles of fabric. (if making two pockets), otherwise use only two rectangles. Sew the three sides together. Insert the fabric inside the knitted piece. Attach the zipper to the opening and sew the zipper to the knitted and fabric layer. Before sewing on the sewing machine tuck the ends of the zipper between the layer of fabric and knitting for a neat finish. 

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  1. I love this 'almost' as much as the Minion one! They are both so adorable!

    1. Hello,
      thank you for your nice words. I have to admit, I like the Minion's pencil box too, but Sunny, is the bag that stays in my handbag carrying all the things that I always have hard time to find (phone, camera, keys, etc).