Dec 13, 2013

Fifi, the Fluffy Dog

Fifi, the Fluffy Dog
This time of year is busy for everyone. It seems that there is not enough hours in a day to finish all that needs to be done. I always start with a plan and a list, hoping that this time I will have finish everything ahead of schedule. Somehow my intentions and plans fell short again and I am desperately trying to finish all the handmade gifts that I would like to give. Yet, I am afraid that one of my gifts will be wrapped with knitting needles still attached to it.

On a bright note, I have finally written up the pattern for Fifi, the fluffy dog. At the moment it is test knitted and the pattern will be available in a few weeks. While I was writing the pattern I knitted a pink version of Fifi, the fluffy dog. It took me three days to knit Fifi thanks to the unexpected snow day we had earlier this week.

Sometimes being inside is a great way to spend the snow days, stay on a sofa cuddled up in a blanket, watch the fire in a fireplace, sip a hot tea or cocoa, and knit. And then, the snow stops falling and we have to go out and shovel the snow, but that is another story.

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