Nov 16, 2013

Feeling Famous...... least for a moment until the reality kicks in.

Please, let me explain.
Few days ago I have received a message from a marketing company in U.K. They asked for my permission to use this picture of my knitted minions as a part of one of their promotion activities prior to DVD release of the movie "Despicable Me 2".
 As a thank you for doing that, they would provide a link to the original post (my blog). A great exposure to audience that might not know about my blog otherwise.
For a moment I envisioned thousands of readers suddenly exploring my small corner on the Internet where I share my ideas, knitting patterns, and sometimes my thoughts. For that brief moment I felt as if I am someone famous. But, then reality kicked in and I realized that it is only in my head, and actually I would not want to be famous and experience all that comes with fame.
However I wouldn't mind to have more visitors to my blog, and more people knitting my critters and perhaps give them away to make this world a little bit better, by being generous, and kind, and caring for each other, outside of our comfort zone.

My brief moment of feeling famous can be viewed here.

In a  strange twist of ways the Internet sometime works, the other knitted minion was inspired by my Knitting Pattern for Minions, which the author kindly provided the link to.

And then, I saw another pattern on the Internet, which the person claimed as their own creation, but it looks exactly as my Knitting Pattern for Minions , including the number of stitches, and rows and techniques for body, arms, legs, goggles, overalls etc.

I know that I cannot prevent something like this from happening, the same way I cannot prevent somebody else from trying to sell my knitting patterns that I have provided for free on other web sites and actually charge money for it, but this makes me feel sad and disappointed. Sad for those people who would pay money for something that I offered for free. Disappointed for behavior of those people who would do that. And I have to keep asking myself, Why would anyone steel someone else's work and claim it's their own work, without  properly crediting the authors.
What else would people like this do, to make a little bit of profit from someone else's work?

I know that the world is not perfect and that bad things happen, but if we all tried to be nicer, kinder, more courteous, and respectful then the world might be a better place to live and share.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Hope they feel a shamed for stealing youre design. It was happening to me to day as well. Shame on them.
    You are so generous about your patterns and that makes this incidents even more irritating.
    Thank you for writing about it.

    1. Hello,
      thank you for your words of understanding. When I first find out that someone was selling my free knitting patterns I was in shock, and could not believe that people would do it. I was not the only affected person, there were many others who's designs were being sold by this person. That particular case was solved and the patterns were removed, but who knows how many other times this happened or might happen again.
      It is really sad that things like this can happen and that people would do that.
      Thank you for reading my post.