Oct 18, 2013

Work in progress.....

Fall colors scarf
I am not a big fan of greens and browns.
While I was visiting my family, I took a trip to a small local quilting and sewing store, my mom's favorite. They also had some yarn for sale. I did not wanted to buy any yarn, I have way too many at home. But I kept looking at this particular yarn and was mesmerized by the swirls of color. I just had to buy it, not knowing what I will do with it.
The yarn is really thin, and the needles I have to use are thinner than skewers or tooth picks. The progress is really slow, and because I decided to use stockinette stitch the scarf curls onto self, and therefore I need to make it really long. I have run out of the first ball of yarn, but luckily the store had one more ball of yarn. Now, I can finish the scarf.

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