Sep 6, 2013

Serpentine Scarf

 c. Willow Yarns
Some time ago, I have submitted an idea to Willow Yarns, and the idea turned into knitting pattern for this beautiful cabled scarf.
In a way it is still novelty for me to work with yarn companies. I enjoy the occasional collaboration for several reasons. First of all I get to feel like a professional knitting designer. I also get to try and work with different yarns, that I would not otherwise purchase, because I have way too much yarn in my home already. And last, but not least I actually get paid for knitting and writing up the patterns.
I like to play with the idea of turning this passion of mine into a business. But realistically it is too time consuming, the wages are too low for the time that goes into the whole process of turning an idea into a knitted item and knitting pattern, and even the prices for finished items are not fair in a sense of how much went into the whole process. But I enjoy knitting way too much to stop. So  I keep on dreaming, and hoping that perhaps one day it might happen. Because we never know what awaits around the corner.

Here is the link to the Serpentine Scarf pattern:
Serpentine Scarf

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