Aug 26, 2013

Lego Men Crayons

Lego Men Crayons
I was busy with a slightly different project. For the past week or so, with some help, we peeled old crayons, broke them into small chucks, fit them inside a form, and baked them in the oven. It was a long project, but in the end we have created an army of Lego men.

Now, you may wonder why on Earth would we need this much of crayons. Well, our local library is trying to raise money to pay for renovation. The money the town set aside to finance the renovation is not enough to cover the cost of renovation and the Friends of the Library and many other people are trying hard to raise enough money to cover the difference. It has been a long process and the goal to reach is still far away.
My child wanted to help since library is our favorite place to visit. Therefore we began  the melting and baking. The crayons were nicely wrapped and are now on display and available to buy at our small library. The only thing left is to hope that people will buy the bags with colorful crayons and the money will help at least a bit to reach the goal.

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