Jun 25, 2013

Teddy Bears for school

Teddy Bears in PJ
The end of school year evokes many mixed feelings. The children are excited about summer vacations, the endless days of fun and happiness that lays ahead, while the parents are left with bittersweet memories of time slipping away, another year gone by and the inevitable change of their little babies growing up.

My child asked me to knit teddy bears for all the teachers, and other people who were important figures during the school year. We have settled on ten teddy bears, at first.  The class teacher, specials (art, music, gym, library) teachers, principal, vice principal, ladies in the office and then it grew out of hand. The nurse, the lunch lady and more. If it was my child's way I would knit Teddy bears forever. I stopped at number twelve. I am done with teddy bears, for now.

Teddy Bears in PJ

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