Dec 24, 2012

Hope Garden

I give away most of my knitted toys. Many of them are for various charities and I always wondered how much of a difference can one toy make. I never really knew the answer to this, until I saw a picture from Bonnie Jacobs of all the monsters she collected for Hope Garden. I have learned about her charitable collection of Monsters for Hope Gardens via Ravelry. I have sent few of my knitted toys thinking it's a nice thing to do. But it was when she posted the photo of her entire collection  that I have realised how much joy this can create. She delivered 83 funky, handmade and smiling monsters to the children.

The photo of the Monsters for Hope Gardens is by Bonnie Jacobs. The toys around are waiting for their new home and will travel soon someplace to share hope and smiles.

May all of you find the joy and love to share. Peace to all.

Thank you for visiting.

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