Feb 27, 2012

Why I knit more than I write about it

There are few  reasons why I prefer to knit over writing about it.
First of all in the end there is an actual product. May it be a garment to wear, home decorating object, or a toy to play with.
The finished objects bring a lot of happiness, for me because I have created it, and for the recipient because they just received something special and unique.
Secondly, the knitting needles are not trying to attack me with viruses and nasty bugs that the Internet seems to be full of. The sad truth is, it's always the innocent bystander who is the victim of such an attack. The good thing is, life goes on and I continue and keep on creating something new.

Here are some of the new creations that I have been working on lately. You can see them, unlike the work that was lost.

Thank you for visiting.

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