Nov 21, 2011

Charitable donations

This is the time of year when I think more about charities and their purpose. To who should I donate and what should I donate.
Ever since I remember I have always given something to someone who was in a greater need.
I always believed that it is a good thing to do, and that perhaps when I will be in a need, someone will return the kindness.
Since knitting is a big part of my life, I do end up with a lot's of knitted things. Well, some of the knitted creations are spoken for, but what about the rest? I would love to give them away, but to who?

Should I give locally or internationally? Should I give to children, or adults in need?
I think I have come to a conclusion. I give as much as I can. I give to where my heart points me at the moment.
These squares (even though they have a shape of rectangle) are my latest charitable donation. They will be a part of a blanket for someone. I hope that the blanket will keep someone warm, even in his/her heart.

Thank you for visiting.

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