Sep 29, 2011

Knitting pattern for Huggalufs

Huggalufs are very soft and cuddly critters.
I had this beautiful yarn in mixed blue, purple and green colors. One day I picked up the yarn, knitting needles and began to experiment. When the critter was finished I wanted to give it a special name, so I began to play with words. Hug - a - love turn into Huggaluf and that's how Huggalufs were created. I knitted another one, and another one. I played with different colors, and different yarns. People started asking for one, and now most of them are in their new homes. I love to knit them.
As a result, I wrote up the knitting pattern for Huggalufs and made it available on Ravelry. You can purchase the knitting pattern by clicking on the button.

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