Mar 29, 2011

Fluffy dog

The story behind this pattern is funny. I was asked one day to knit a rabbit. I picked some fluffy yarn, needles and began to knit. Somehow my attempt to knit the rabbit turned out as a dog. She was named Fifi and now lives in Europe. According to her owner, Fifi is pampered and has several real dog admires. Since Fifi was created, I have managed to knit the requested rabbit and the owner is happy. I also recieved requests for the fluffy dogs and here is the latest of them.

His name is Shmoodla.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Oh my gosh...I just found this precious knitted dog...So cute. I started knitting small toys for my grandchildren last summer and now I am totally addicted. Did you design this???? It is adorable

  2. Hello Renesews, this dog is my design. I might make the pattern available at some point in the future. Happy knitting.

  3. hi erm when would the pattern for this be available?:) thanks in advance:)

    1. Hello,
      the pattern is still in scribles in my note book.
      I hope to be able to work on the translation of scribles into coherent knitting pattern soon. It all takes time and I have only two hands to work with.....