Sep 21, 2018

Work in Progress III.

My last few posts were all about knitting patterns that were published.
This post should be about the projects that are still work in progress...

Najin, the toy mystery KAL started with clue 1 last week. Today I have released second clue, there are two more clues waiting to be released in the next two weeks before the final pattern will be available.
The pattern is available in my Ravelry store.
If you would like to join the fun, it's happening right now in my Ravelry group Stana's critters etc.

Eyeball Coaster
In the past few weeks I have been super busy with work that will be published by a third party. It's fun and exciting, but in a  way it's also stressful with all those deadlines that comes from third party publishing. Yesterday, I just needed a break from it all, and started to knit something just for fun. I finished today and wrote up the pattern. It's being test knitted at the moment and will be available at the beginning of next month, just in time for others to knit before Halloween.

Voyager Sweater
It seems appropriate to finish this blog post with a note about my project named Voyager Sweater. I had to set it aside due to all of the contracted work, but I am slowly getting some work done on the pattern and grading, and hope to have it ready for test knit pretty soon. During my visit at home I have found an old image of me in my first ever finished knitted project - a sweater that I knitted when I was I think 14 years old.  Ever since I finished that first sweater (it was knit, with three colors intarsia, and I have made up the pattern and calculated the entire project by myself) I couldn't stop knitting sweaters. I made so many of them it's impossible to count, and then one day I just stopped. During those years I  have knitted many other projects, even few baby sweaters for my friend's babies, but I have not made a single sweater for myself. Last year when I went to Rhinebeck I think I found my long lost passion for knitting sweaters. I have decided to knit and also write up the pattern. The knitting part, including photography is done, now it's just the less fun part, sitting in front of the computer and write up the pattern in seven different sizes. It's rather tedious work, but it will be eventually done. 

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Sep 15, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Oriana

It looks like I have a soft spot for owls. So far I have created four different patterns for owls. I also like cables. Therefore I have combined the two together and created pattern for Oriana. The first sample is done in Knitpicks  Color Mist yarn. The second sample is done in sport weight yarn held double.

The other owls

Oriana is worked from the bottom, in the round from center out. The body has a Saxon braided cable in the front and in the back. The head has simple stockinette stitch. The top is closed with Kitchener stitch. Two wings are knit separately and sewn on, or simply pick up the CO sts on the sides of the body at the beginning of stockinette stitch section. The ears are created by sewing through the top to the bottom a few times. Optional is to use knitted eyes instead of the two buttons. The beak is knit in the round and sewn on.

You can purchase the pattern in my Ravelry store (link on the side of the blog) or by clicking on this button:

Oriana and Oriana II
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Sep 12, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Mandala Scarf

Mandala Scarf

This completely reversible pattern is worked with knit and purl stitches only. Pictured sample is done in Lion Brand Mandala yarn, but similar color effect could be achieved by using skeins of different colors or just one color for more monochromatic approach. The 2x2 ribbing on both ends create a nice finishing touch.
The pattern offers two variety of Mandala Scarf pattern with two width options.
Finished Measurements:
Wide version: 54” (138 cm) long and 11” (28 cm) wide.
Thin version: 76” (193 cm) long and 8” (21 cm) wide.
The pattern can be purchased in my Ravelry Store or by clicking on this button:

Mandala Scarf
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Sep 10, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Bark Scarf

I had another knitting pattern published by Knitpicks this past week. It's a part of their new book collection named Flaunt.

My Bark Scarf is available as a single download, or as a part of the e-book, or book collection.
This scarf is knit flat, in bulky weight yarn, Biggo yarn and finished in no time at all.

photo by Knitpicks 
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Sep 9, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Alux Slouch Hat

Photo by Knitpicks
Everyone needs sparkling yarn in their lives. And even more everyone should have a perfect slouchy hat knit in in sparkling yarn with a large pompom.

My new pattern Alux Slouch Hat combines both. You will need only two skeins of their Alux yarn a fingering weight yarn in Baby Alpaca and Lurex mix. and one large pompom.

The pattern is free and can be downloaded here.

Slouchy Hat
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Sep 6, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Scraptastic Infinity Scarf

I have several deadlines looming over my head in my knitting world. Yet somehow I keep returning to work on this scrap yarn project. It seems odd to knit such a heavy scarf, especially today when temperature is in the 90's F (30Celsia). The weather calls for a trip to a lake rather then working on a long scarf that has been on my knitting needles for several years, but somehow I feel the urge to finally finish it and be ready when the winter comes.

Scraptastic Infinity Scarf

I couldn't stop until the scarf was finished.


Here is the knitting pattern for:
Scraptastic Infinity Scarf 
by Stana D. S.

Finished Measurements: 5" (12.5 centimeters) width (including I-cord edge) and 100" (250 centimeters) (or whatever length you wish to achieve)

Gauge: 20 sts & 27 rows = 4" (10 cm) in stockinette stitch.

Material: Scrap Yarn from other knitting projects in similar weight. It's a great way to use up all those little leftovers. And about 80 yards ( 74 meters)5 of CC yarn for the I-cord.

Recommended Needle Size: US 5/3.75 mm. Also DPN US # 5/3.75 mm ( set of 5).

Notions: Yarn needle, scissors, crochet hook.

K = knit
P = purl
Sl. st. = slipped stitch
CC = Contrast yarn
CO = cast on
BO = bind off.

Pattern Notes:
This Scraptastic Infinity Scarf is knit flat in double moss stitch pattern, using whatever scraps of yarn you have from your other knitting projects. The last stitch of each row is slipped without knitting it for a nicer edge. After achieving desired length, use 3 Needle BO to join the CO edge with the BO edge. For hiding all the ends, make sure they all stay on the WS when knitting the scarf. Then join the two long edges with an I-cord for a neat edge. For this I-cord I  would suggest to use a singular colored yarn to avoid connecting the various scraps of yarn.

Double Moss Stitch Pattern (worked over 50 sts):
1Row: (K2, P2) 12x, K1, Sl. st.
2 Row: (P2, K2) 12x, P1, Sl. st.
3 Row: (P2, K2) 12x, P1, Sl. st.
4 Row: (K2, P2) 12x, K1, Sl. st.
Repeat Rows 1 - 4 for the pattern.

I-cord edge:
With  CC yarn and double pointed needle cast on 3 additional sts on left needle. Position the yarn behind and work as follows: 
Pick up 1 st through both edges. Position the yarn behind and work as follows:  
Knit first 2 sts. Knit next 2 sts together. Return the 3 sts back onto left needle and repeat.
Continue the I-cord, attaching it around the edge until you reach the beginning of your I-cord. Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail, and thread the end on a yarn needle. Pull the end through the remaining stitches on the needles, gather up and close the hole, stitch to secure.

CO 50 sts. Work in the various scrap of yarn in similar weight (from light to worsted, connecting the scraps with a knot, and making sure the knots are all on the wrong side.
Work all Rows in the Double Moss Stitch Pattern until you reach desired length.
When you are ready to BO, join the CO edge with the BO and use the method 3 Needle BO on the wrong side, making sure the right side are facing each other.
After joining the CO and BO edge, turn the work and bend it lengthwise in half with RS outside and the WS inside. Attach  CC yarn and join the two edges together with an I-cord.

Wrong Side of the Scraptastic Infinity Scarf
Right Side of the Scraptastic Infinity Scarf

Attaching the I-cord along the edge
Scraptastic Infinity Scarf  I-cord edge
Scraptastic Infinity Scarf 

Aug 31, 2018

Summer WIP

In the past few weeks I was offline. It's nice to stay away from the Internet and just let it all go by without the constant disruption of social media updates, news and whatever else the electronic device deems important for you.

I wonder how it was possible to grow up without the constant present of the connectivity that Internet provides and distraction it creates to our real life that is happening offline, not online.

During my time offline the view was breathtaking at times, and I just stood there amazed at the beauty our world has to offer.

Panensky Tynec

My knitting world didn't stop, but continued to go on, one stitch at a time....

There are few knitting patterns that are almost ready to be published in the next few weeks, and there are few that are still in the long process of turning from an idea to a finished project and a pattern.
The picture bellow shows a project that I started many years ago, using the small scraps of yarn left from other knitting projects. At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, but slowly it started to take a shape....
Scraptastic Infinity Scarf WIP

and soon it will be a Scraptastic Infinity Scarf, and the pattern will follow shortly after.

Scraptastic Infinity Scarf WIP

Jul 18, 2018

Work in progress III

After finishing The owl gang I kept thinking about owls, and I just kept on thinking about owls and cables. Oriana is the result.
The pattern is at test knitting stage and will be available at the and of August.  I made her a friend, second Oriana using fingering weight yarn and sport weight yarn held double.
The two toys will be donated to our library for some fun gift away after the summer reading contest is over and kids are back to school.
I usually take a group photo of my toys that I donated for the summer reading program, but I didn't do it this year, so instead you have a picture of the two owls named Oriana, that will be donated at the end of summer.
Oriana I & II
My plan for the next few weeks is to work on the Voyager sweater pattern and finish the grading and writing of the pattern. The sample I was working on is finished and has received compliments from fellow knitters. I also managed to take some wonderful photographs of the sweater. The pattern should be available for test knit later in August, and published sometime in the early fall.

Voyager Sweater 
I also plan to work on our next toy mystery KAL, I have few ideas as to what mystery toy he/she should be....

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Jul 14, 2018

Interview with a designer Marie Segares (Underground Crafter)

Lion pocket by Underground Crafter 
Marie Segares (Underground Crafter) is a fellow designer participating in the Ami-a-long 2018.
 I had the privilege to interview her and this is the interview. I love her whimsical and adorable designs and if given the time and opportunity I would attempt to crochet any of her amigurumi designs.

What inspires you to design?
I grew up within a very creative family and making things has always been a big part of my life. The inspiration for each design varies, but generally I’m inspired by yarn, stitch dictionaries, and what I see during my subway commute.

If you could knit/ crochet one thing - anything in the world what would that be?
I like variety, so I’d rather be able to crochet and knit different things. I tend to crochet granny squares when I’m relaxing, so that’s one pattern I go back to a lot.

Describe your ideal day as a designer, what would you do and what would you prefer not to do?
I’m not a full time designer, so my design fits into other parts of my life. The things I enjoy are crocheting and knitting a sample, swatching up different stitches from stitch dictionaries, and writing. The things I enjoy less are bookkeeping, blog maintenance, writing follow up emails, and marketing.

How do you start a project, with yarn, pattern, idea or what?
It really depends on the pattern. For softies, I usually start with the idea and then pick out the yarn. I try to write out patterns (or at least the first part) before I pick up the hook or needles and test out my idea as I work.

What inspires you to pick up needles and start on the project?
Right now, I only make projects that I plan to publish as designs. My main motivators are creative expression and earning a side income.

What do you enjoy the most about the designing and what you dislike the most?
I enjoy most parts of designing. I wish I was better at photography, but I don’t dislike it. I do get sad when people leave rude or nasty comments on my work, but unfortunately, that’s part of life on the internet.

Are there any particular techniques you find challenging or impossible to work with?
Not really. I’ve been crocheting since 1984 and I think most things can be mastered with some effort. I’m not as strong of a knitter but I’ve been able to learn most of the techniques I want to, like cables.

What is on your needles now?
I’m not knitting anything at the moment, but I have a crochet pillow in the works as my “main” project.

Do you work on multiple projects at the same time or single project?
I usually have about 5-10 projects going at once. One will be my main project that I work on while commuting, others will be designs that I started and am not finishing yet because of deadlines, others will be too big so I only work on them at home.
Where to find Marie Segares (Underground Crafter)

Marie Segares on Ravelry

Underground Crafter on Facebook

Jul 7, 2018

The Owl Gang

The owl gang
It was summer of 2012 when I bought one skein of yarn. I truly didn't know what I wanted to make from it, I just loved the colors. At one point I made an owl from it, based on Miranda my first owl pattern. When I created my second owl pattern, Ollie, the owlet I knitted one owlet from the same skein of yarn. Then Helga and Otto joined the knitted owl family.

Helga, Ollie, Miranda, and Otto

 I took a picture of them and posted it on my FB page. Two of my friends asked if I could knit them an owl, and they picked Miranda. So I knitted them and took another picture. And there was still yarn left from that one skein of yarn.
 It was at this point that I have decided to continue knitting another owl just to see if I can finish another one.
WIP Ollie, seventh owl
While on vacation I finished her and gave her away to another friend. I still had leftover yarn, so I started eight owlet.
Ollie, the owlet and another WIP Ollie

I finished the eight owlet, and there is still small amount of yarn left. I will somehow incorporate the remnants with another yarn together to make another owl. I have also combined all of the four knitted patterns that I have published previously and created a knitting pattern for The owl gang.

It's available in my Ravelry store or you may purchase it by clicking on this button:

The owl gang
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Jun 21, 2018

Summer...and Ami-a-long

It's official, summer is here now.

Treasure Island
When I was a little girl I dreamed of living by the ocean. As an adult I know that not every dream we have as children comes true... can you imagine the world filled with superheroes and pirates, and what about all of the horses that little girls dream of having....In my History of New York City class I just learned about the manure issues the New York City was dealing with in the time when horses were the only other option for transportation.
But I have come pretty close to fulfilling my dream of  living by the ocean. I can drive there and visit and return back home all in one day.
I did such a trip few days ago, and managed to visit the treasure island as well. The island is accessible via sandbar during the low tide and when I arrived to the ocean I could walk to the island and back.
A story has it that a pirate buried some treasure on this island, therefore there is a chance that someone will one day stumble across this treasure. Every time I visit I think it's a treasure just to be able to walk to the island and back. I also found few heart shaped stones along the walk.

Heart shaped stone
I always take my knitting with me, and while I was waiting for my friends to come, I managed to knit few stitches and snapped a picture of my knitting project. It will be a small owl when finished.

Ollie WIP
This knitted toy fits with an announcement I have.
I am participating again with other fabulous designers in annual Ami-a-long event.
Between June 25th and July 8th a 25% discount for all eligible patterns by participating designers of  Ami-a-long event kicks off the annual Ami-along extravaganza that everyone can participate.
This even takes place on Ravelry in group called Ami-along. There you can join and post your projects and win some fabulous prices.

Have fun knitting.

Eligible Patterns for 2018

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Jun 13, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Mosaico

A while back I had one of my submissions accepted into a book collection. I was working on the sample during the winter months of last year, and the book took a bit longer than anticipated to be published, but finally it is available to purchase.  The collection is just amazing. Check it out and see for yourself.

You may purchase the individual pattern here:


or you can purchase the entire book here:

Malabrigo Heritage

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May 31, 2018


After storm
Life can bring unexpected twists and turns at a whim. On Tuesday May 15th I went for our regular afternoon hike with the puppy into the woods. I was with a friend and her dogs. Suddenly the weather changed and fast approaching storm caught us in the middle of the woods. We made it back to our cars just in time to avoid the large hail. Then we tried to get back home. Our usual 10 minutes journey turned into a chaotic search for a way out from being trapped on a road between fallen trees. We were not the only one trying to find our way home. There were many other people trapped who were searching for their way home. In the end we parked our cars and walked home. We had to walk around fallen trees, downed wires and sometimes walk around an impassable sections of the roads. It took me about two hours, while my friend had to walk an extra hour to reach her home. I guess our dogs got quite an exercise that evening.  
The storm lasted about seven minutes or something like that, according to the weather channels and news reports, but the destruction it left behind will take months to recover.
For us personally, we were without electricity for a week, without Internet for two weeks, and we are still to this day without phone. We were lucky that our home didn't get damaged, while so many other homes in the area were damaged by fallen trees.
In the time after the storm I have experienced compassion and kindness. People were helping each other, neighbors pitched in and helped those who couldn't do much due to their age or health. It was wonderful to see this kind of collaboration and help among the view of destruction the storm left behind.
Life is slowly returning to normalcy, though there is still a lot of work to be done.
In the quiet moments in the past few weeks I have tried to find a sense of tranquility and peace by taking up the knitting needles and knit. I cannot share the pictures of the knitting projects that kept me calm during those weeks yet. I will do that when the patterns are released by the yarn companies.
In this collage picture I have a sneak peak at one of the projects I was working on, and few of the heart shaped images I saw during those days when I went on the walks with the puppy.
May 2018
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May 5, 2018

Work in progress II


Somehow it seems to me that the past few months just run by without me noticing. One morning I woke up and it was winter, the next day the calendar said it's May 1st. I guess the only way I can see the time slipping by is in the things that I have managed to knit.
A few years ago I picked this one skein of yarn, from our local yarn shop. It's Cascade Yarn Heritage Paints, a fingering weight yarn with 473 yards (400 meters) on a single skein. I didn't know what I wanted to knit from the yarn, I bought it because I liked the color. At some point, I knitted an owl from the yarn.
It was Miranda. When I created another owl pattern, I knit Ollie, the owlet from the same skein of yarn as well. Then in January I had the toy mystery KAL for Otto, and I knitted him in the same yarn as well. In the previous year I had another toy mystery KAL for Helga, and I just had to knit here in the same yarn as well. After I posted a picture of the four owls on my FB page, two of my friends asked if I can knit them two Miranda owls. So I did, and there is still some leftover yarn on this one skein of yarn. Therefore I will try to knit another owl from it. All of the owls posed for a picture with the remnants of the yarn. I am curious if there is enough yarn left to finish another owl.

After receiving a box with this beautiful yarn from Cascade Yarn Company I started to swatch for the new and upcoming pattern for my Voyager sweater. I finished my yarn swatch and started to work on the sample.  I hope to have the sample done for a photoshoot in June. Then it's all about writing the pattern, editing, and test knitting. I hope that the whole process will be finished sometime in late August or early September, so the pattern is available for early fall release.

Voyager Sweater WIP I.
Voyager Sweater WIP II.

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Apr 25, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Ralph, the rabbit

Ralph, the rabbit
Ralph, the rabbit was a special request from my local children library. They wanted to have a rabbit as one of the prizes to win in the next fun contest for children. The display is as always eye catching and children are very happy to participate in the contest to win one of these two toys.

Ralph, and Grace

The knitting pattern for Ralph, the rabbit is available now in my Ravelry store or you can purchase the pattern by clicking on this button:

T-Bone and Ralph
Before I gave away Ralph and Grace to the library I snapped a picture of our 15 months old puppy and the rabbit. T-Bone has been a wonderful addition to our family, since we adopted him from animal shelter last year in April. Somehow I did not imagine that the tiny puppy we brought home would grow up so much.....
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