May 16, 2015

Gift away winner

.....and the winner of this adorable book is:

Congratulations to the winner.

Please send me a message on Ravelry or Facebook, or here as where to ship this book.

I have not heard back from the winner, yet. (May 25th) I will wait another week, and then if I do not hear back I will pick another winner.

I wish I could give away a copy of the book to everyone who responded, but I only have an extra copy of the book to give away.

Don't worry, there will be another gift away in the future.
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May 10, 2015

Knitting Pattern for One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish and The Book Gift away

photo by Knitpicks
My knitting pattern for these three fish has been published in the book named "Cute, Cuter, Cutest knit toys to love in 3 sizes".

You may purchase the entire book, e-book or just a particular pattern within the collection on Knitpicks website:

The link is here

But also you have a chance to win the book. I have a copy to gift away.

Leave a comment and you will be entered into lottery to win this book, filled with the most adorable toy patterns in 3 sizes.

You have the time from today until Friday May 15th 2015.
On Saturday May 16th 2015 the winner will be announced.

The winner has been randomly selected.
The blog post is here.

Thank you for visiting and good luck to everyone.

May 9, 2015

Knitting Pattern for Snake Bookmarks

Snake Bookmarks
These snake bookmarks in coral snake and king snake version are about 12" (30.5 cm) long.
The samples are done in Cascade 220 Superwash in Red, Yellow and Black.
Each bookmark uses approximately 40 - 50 yards / 36.5 - 46 meters total.

You may purchase the pattern in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button.

Coral and King Snake Bookmarks

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May 6, 2015

Knitting Pattern for Oreo


We have a guinea pig named Oreo living in our house.

Oreo is adorable, happy and very messy. I also had some leftover yarn (Dream in Color Classy) from another project. And just because I like to knit toys I created a knitted version of our Oreo.

The finished knitted Oreo is approximately 7" (18 cm) long.
The skills required to knit your own are knitting in the round, some color work stripes, stranded color work and duplicate stitch. 

You may purchase this pattern by clicking on this button or in my Ravelry store.

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Apr 24, 2015

Knitting Pattern for Roy G. Biv, the caterpillar

Roy G. Biv
My last Mystery KAL was all about rainbow colors (ROY G. BIV) and various texture.
The finished Roy G. Biv caterpillar is about 25" (64 cm) long.

I have used the wonderful yarn Dream in Color Classy 100% Superwash Merino Wool from Dream in color.
1 skein in Valentino # 14 (approximately 30 – 40 yards / 27 – 37 meters) 
1 skein in Melon Bomb (approximately 30 – 40 yards / 27 – 37 meters)
1 skein in Butter Peeps (approximately 30 – 40 yards / 27 – 37 meters)
1 skein in Happy Forest (approximately 30 – 40 yards / 27 – 37 meters)
1 skein in Summer Sky (approximately 30 – 40 yards / 27 – 37 meters)
1 skein in Wicked Royal (approximately 30 – 40 yards / 27 – 37 meters)
1 skein in Amethyst Ink (approximately 30 – 40 yards / 27 – 37 meters)
Approximately 10 yards / 9 meters of white and 7 yards / 6 meters of black yarn.

The pattern is available to purchase now, in my Ravelry store, or by clicking on this button:

Roy G. Biv caterpillar
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Apr 19, 2015

Knitting Pattern for DB Hat and Scarf

DB Hat

DB Hat and Scarf is simple knit and purl pattern, with decreases incorporated within the knit and purl sections. The double brim adds an interesting element and finishing touch. Sample is done in Knitpicks yarn Wool of the Andes Superwash.
The pattern is available on the Knitpicks website, in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

DB Hat and Scarf

This is my favorite picture from the photo shoot.....

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Apr 14, 2015

Knitting Pattern for Oreo cookie or Linzer Cookie

We have a guinea pig named Oreo, and last week I played with leftover yarn and made knitted Oreo. I also wrote the knitting pattern for him. The pattern is at the test knitting stage and will be available within few weeks.

In the meantime I made knitted Oreo cookie.

Oreo cookie
Oreo cookie or Linzer cookie
by Stana D.S.
Oreo and Linzer cookie

Finished Size: Approximately 3.5" (9 cm) in diameter.

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy Worsted 100% Superwash Merino Wool 250 yards per 4 oz.
Approximately 25 - 35 yards / 23 - 32 meters  in Black Pearl (Butter peeps)
Approximately 10 - 15 yards / 9 - 14 meters in Crying Dove (Valentino)
Recommended Needle Size: Double Pointed Needles (DPN) US 35/3.75mm (set of 5) or your preferred needles for knitting in the round.
Notions: Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker, two circles (3.5" / 9 cm diameter) cut out of cardboard, small amount of stuffing.
KFB = Knit in front and back of the same st. This creates 2 sts from 1st.
SSK = Slip st, slip st and knit the 2sts together. This decreases 2 sts to 1st.
MC = Main color
CC = Contrasting color
R = Round

Gauge: 22 sts & 28 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch.

With the MC and three DPN cast on 4 sts. Place the stitch marker on the first st and begin working in the round. Leave the cast on on the right side.
R 1: Knit (4 sts)
R 2: KFB all around (8 sts)
R 3: Knit (8 sts)
R 4: KFB all around (16 sts)
R 5: Knit (16 sts)
R 6: *KFB, Knit 1; repeat from * around (24 sts)
R 7: Knit (24 sts)
R 8: *KFB, Knit 2; repeat from * around (32 sts)
R 9: Knit (32 sts)
R 10: *KFB, Knit 3; repeat from * around (40 sts)
R 11: Knit (40 sts)
R 12: *KFB, Knit 4; repeat from * around (48 sts)
R 13: Knit (48 sts)
R 14: Purl (48 sts)
R 15: Knit (48 sts) Attach CC.
R 16 - 17: Knit in CC (48 sts). Cut off CC. Continue with MC.
R 18: Knit (48 sts)
R 19: Purl (48 sts)
R 20: Knit (48 sts)
R 21: *SSK, Knit 4; repeat from * around (40 sts)
R 22: Knit (40 sts)
R 23: *SSK, Knit 3; repeat from * around (32 sts)
R 24: Knit (32 sts)
R 25: *SSK, Knit 2; repeat from * around (24 sts)
R 26: Knit (24 sts)
Thread the tail of yarn from the cast on stitches on a yarn needle. Stitch through all of the cast on stitches, pull up tight to close the hole, and stitch to secure. Insert the first cardboard. Lightly stuff the cookie with fiberfill. Insert the second cardboard.
If making Linzer cookie, cut off MC, attach CC, and continue with CC.
R 27: *SSK, Knit 1; repeat from * around (16 sts)
R 28: Knit (16 sts)
R 29: SSK all around (8 sts)
R 30: Knit (8 sts)
Cut the yarn, leaving long enough tail, and thread the end on a yarn needle. Pull the end through the remaining stitches on needles, gather up and close the hole, stitch to secure.
Linzer cookie
Copyright: This pattern was designed and written by Stana D. S. Please acknowledge the author.
Thank you.