Nov 8, 2019

Knitting Pattern for Queen of Hearts Dishcloth

photo by Knitpicks
Another of my knitting patterns, Queen of hearts dishcloth was published by Knitpicks.
The pictured sample is done in their Dishie Multi cotton yarn. The pattern is free.

Queen of Hearts Dishcloth

photo by Knitpicks

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Nov 3, 2019

Knitting Pattern for Stingray Hat

Stingray Hat and toy
Last month, I wrote a blog post about the stingrays and why I designed the stingray hat.
and finally today I have published the knitting pattern for the hat.
It is available to purchase in my Ravelry store, soon it will be in my Lovecraft store or you can click on this button:

Since this is a rather fun knit, I have created a promotion code from today until the November 7th midnight of EST. Use the coupon code Stingray when you buy the hat pattern add the toy pattern to your cart and you will receive the toy pattern for free.

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Nov 2, 2019



Last week I have received an email from LoveCraft about creating a blog post answering the question to "Why Do You Make?" By creating this blog post I am entering their competition for Blog Personality of the Year, 2019.

I do not expect to win anything. I know my blog is not one of those famous and fabulous, whose daily readers are in thousands or more, but still the question about why do I continue to create has been on my mind lately.

I am not a well known designer who's patterns are "hot right now" and knitted by many people, but I have been creating all my life. I realize each and every time I think about why do I continue to create that it is for the pure joy knitting brings me.  The minute I take those knitting needles and a skein of yarn I let go of other things, and concentrate on creating one stitch at the time.

I wish I could show what I have achieved to my grandmother. She was the person who taught me how to crochet and knit when I was a little child. At first I preferred to crochet, and embroider, but then when I was about thirteen or fourteen I picked up the knitting needles and started my first sweater. Here is an old photograph of me proudly wearing that first sweater.

My first sweater

 After I finished that first sweater I continued to create many more.
Growing up behind the Iron Curtains gave me the opportunity to be a designer without actually realizing it. We did not have access to many knitting magazines or fashion journals. The limited access to everything encouraged us to make our own clothes instead of going to a store and buy them. My mom and grandmother were really talented seamstresses and created most of my clothes throughout my childhood and teenage years. I tried to sew as well, but I was much better with the knitting needles then with the sewing machine, so I continued to knit sweaters, and other accessories without using knitting patterns. I would draw a picture of what I wanted the sweater to look like and then I would start to play with yarn. I would make a small swatch, calculate the numbers, and then I would knit.

After the Velvet Revolution, and the fall of the Berlin Wall world started to open up. Would you believe that it is thirty years since that wonderful autumn?! I wish I could be back in Europe for the festivities and attend the various celebrations of this anniversary.

Falling in love is a wonderful time. It can make you move across the world. Even though I left my country to live on another continent I took with me my knitting needles and I continued to created. For many years I knitted for joy, and when my child was born I started to knit toys. I knitted various toys, creating them based on my child drawings, other kid's drawings, or simply based on their requests.

Loopy, a monster based on drawing by my child

In March 2011 a friend of mine helped me to start this blog. The link bellow will take you to the very first blog post.

It was about the same time another friend of mine asked me to read and explain to her a knitting pattern she was working from. About the same time I was asked if I could write up patterns for some of my creations. I tried and somehow it made sense to other knitters and they could follow my directions.
It has been an interesting journey ever since.
I created a children's book using my knitted toys and my photography.
See the Monster Al book. I also used Monster Al and his friends for my Thesis project to earn BA in Creative Writing.

Monster Al and his friends

I also managed to collaborate and work with various yarn companies. I have had many of my knitting patterns published in knitting books, and on various websites. As of today there are more than 250 knitting patterns available. Not bad for someone who loves to create with yarn.
I continue to create one stitch at the time, enjoying the knitting process more than writing the knitting patterns.

Scraptastic Scarf and Cowl

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Oct 29, 2019

Knitting Pattern for Voyager Infinity Scarf

photo by Knitpicks

This Voyager Infinity Scarf is another pattern that I created for Knitpicks.
It has been published as a free pattern for their 12 weeks of gifting. The scarf is knit in the rounds, starting with Provisional Cast on, and the BO end is joined to the CO end with Kitchener Stitch for Infinity loop. The scarf uses Knitpicks Capra yarn in five colors.

photo by Knitpicks

The link to the pattern on Knitpicks website is here:
Voyager Infinity Scarf

Link to Ravelry pattern page: Voyager Infinity Scarf

Voyager Infinity Scarf sample I 
Pictured above is my knitted sample using more subtle colors in browns, grey, white, and pink. There are so many different ways to play with this pattern. Pictured bellow is a three color sample, using the Jamaican flag colors. I have knitted this scarf as a special request for someone.

Voyager Infinity Scarf sample II

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Oct 20, 2019

Rhinebeck 2019

It has been two years since my last trip to Rhinebeck sheep and wool festival.
My blog post about that trip is here:
Rhinebeck 2017

It was time to revisit the festival again.

Rhinebeck 2019

The weather could not be more beautiful. Sunny and warm, but still cool enough to wear something knitted. My Rhinebeck sweater was the Voyager Sweater, my first sweater knitting pattern. The progress on the project is here:
Voyager Seater WIP

Voyager Sweater

This year I was invited to a brunch organized by LoveCrafts. It was a wonderful gathering filled with interesting people and crafters. After the brunch it was time to head to Rhinebeck festival.
I met in person with few people I know from online world. I admired the creativity of others and their knitted or crochet items. I browsed a whole variety of yarns. I did not plan to buy anything, but in the end I picked three skeins of Miss Babs yarn. For a while I have a project and a design on my mind and I have been looking for a yarn to use it for this design, and I think I found it in the color combination of the subtle Fleur de Sol and a colorful Mad Hatter. I cannot wait to start this new project.


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Oct 8, 2019

Knitting Pattern for Candy Corn Dishcloth

Candy Corn Dishcloth
My latest collaboration with Knitpicks is a fun and fast dishcloth pattern named Candy Corn.
Worked in garter stitch, with simple decreases and slipped stitch for a neat edge.

The pattern is free and available to download from Knitpicks Website:

Candy Corn Dishcloth

photo by Knitpicks

Oct 2, 2019


 In June 2015 I have published knitting pattern for a stingray toy.

Stella, the stingray
The pattern link is here:
Stella, the stingray

Last week I received a message on Ravelry from someone asking if there is a way to turn my toy into a hat. Sometimes I just love to have a fun and challenge myself to create something different.

This is what I have come up with:
Stingray Hat and Stella, the stingray toy

Yesterday morning I was trying to work on the pattern. Apparently our dog had a different plan for my morning.


After a good belly rub, and a hike in the woods, he was ready for some nap time and finally I could work on the pattern. At the moment the pattern is at a test knit stage and at the hands of the TE. 
Hopefully the final pattern will be ready for publishing by the end of this month.

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