Nov 9, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Snowman and Sassy Coal Dishcloth

photo by Knitpicks
A sweet snowman or a sassy coal dishcloth? Which one will you knit first?

My knitting pattern for this adorable duo is available free on Knitpicks website:
Link here

or in my store on Ravelry:

Snowman and Sassy Coal Dishcloth

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Nov 1, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Winter Pillow

Winter Pillow
The knitting pattern for Winter Pillow is part of Knitpicks 12 weeks of gifting and is available as a free download:

link to pattern Winter Pillow on Knitpicks

link to pattern on Ravelry: Winter Pillow 

I was working on the pattern in May 2018, and when I was trying to take a picture of the sample the dog decided to test the comfort of the pillow, and apparently it has been dog approved.

The other pillow in the picture is my Kittie Pillow and the pattern is available to purchase in my Ravelry store, on Knitpicks website, on Loveknitting website or by clicking on the button:

I had some yarn leftovers and decided to reverse the yarn and use the MC as CC, and CC as MC.
I took this pillow on a journey across the ocean and back, and finally finished few weeks ago. It is still waiting for the zipper to be sewn in, but you can see in the picture bellow how I prepare the zipper for sewing.

Winter Pillow II
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Oct 27, 2018


Long time ago, I was accepted into an English - Creative Writing Program. It has been a long journey, and quite challenging as well. English language is not my native language and I still struggle with certain grammatical rules and everything takes me much longer to write in English than it would take me in my native language. I still speak English with an accent, and I tend to write with an accent as well.  My specialty are run on sentences and putting the "a" and "the" in places where it shouldn't be and not in places where it should be. Whenever I have a hard time with the language I always remember the struggles of Mr. Kaplan in Leo Rosten books.
What seemed like an eternity at times is coming to an end and this semester is my last semester at school and I will finally graduate. I am not sure what I will do next. I need to see the piece of paper in front of me to actually believe that it's true.
An important part of the writing degree is to create a writing portfolio and presented it to the writing department in your last semester. I have spent some time working on the portfolio, and when I met my advisor, we talked about my knitting. I did not consider knitting patterns to be creative writing, but she thought otherwise. I guess she is correct, since there is creativity involved in the process of turning a skein of yarn into a piece of knitted item accompanied by the knitting pattern that is easily reproducible by someone else.
My advisor mentioned that it would be awesome if I could somehow include a piece of my knitting in my writing portfolio. I thought about it and let my imagination create....

Portfolio I
Portfolio II
Portfolio III

Portfolio IV

... the knitted cover for my writing portfolio and a bookmark for the reader.

The bookmark is my Fred, the frog bookmark worked flat in garter stitch instead of in the rounds, using half of the required stitches. The words Portfolio and Read me were knit in stranded colorwork technique. The dot above the letter i in word Portfolio was done in duplicate stitch technique, because I forgot to knit it at first, and if the knitted book cover is going to be viewed by professors of English language and Writing I better present my book cover with correct spelling.

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Oct 5, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Deadline Morning Eyeball Coaster or Dishcloth

We all have those mornings, when we wake up and know that we didn't get enough sleep the night before. The reasons may vary from person to person, even from day to day....
  • Late night drinking and having too much fun with friends
  • Brand new baby in the house
  • Procrastination and leaving to do the homework at the last minute
  • Deadline at work and not enough time to finish during the workday
  • Life
 For the last few weeks I had few of those days myself. Deadline knitting for a third party. A homework for my class to finish. Then one day I decided to address the issue and instead of stressing out about everything I just started to knit for fun and created the red eye/ normal eye coaster. It did not help with my deadline knitting or with finishing my homework, but I had fun knitting the coaster. And now I can pick the side that suits me and have a funky coaster to put down my first, or second, or third cup of coffee and try to deal with whatever needs to be done first.

Deadline Morning Eyeball Coaster

Eyeball Dishcloth and Coaster
Deadline Morning Eyeball 

The pattern is now available in my Ravelry store or you can purchase it by clicking on this button:

And if you wish to knit some of the eyeballs in the jar, my pattern is free on Knitpicks website, link to the pattern is here:
Knitted Eyeballs

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Sep 21, 2018

Work in Progress III.

My last few posts were all about knitting patterns that were published.
This post should be about the projects that are still work in progress...

Najin, the toy mystery KAL started with clue 1 last week. Today I have released second clue, there are two more clues waiting to be released in the next two weeks before the final pattern will be available.
The pattern is available in my Ravelry store.
If you would like to join the fun, it's happening right now in my Ravelry group Stana's critters etc.

Eyeball Coaster
In the past few weeks I have been super busy with work that will be published by a third party. It's fun and exciting, but in a  way it's also stressful with all those deadlines that comes from third party publishing. Yesterday, I just needed a break from it all, and started to knit something just for fun. I finished today and wrote up the pattern. It's being test knitted at the moment and will be available at the beginning of next month, just in time for others to knit before Halloween.

Voyager Sweater
It seems appropriate to finish this blog post with a note about my project named Voyager Sweater. I had to set it aside due to all of the contracted work, but I am slowly getting some work done on the pattern and grading, and hope to have it ready for test knit pretty soon. During my visit at home I have found an old image of me in my first ever finished knitted project - a sweater that I knitted when I was I think 14 years old.  Ever since I finished that first sweater (it was knit, with three colors intarsia, and I have made up the pattern and calculated the entire project by myself) I couldn't stop knitting sweaters. I made so many of them it's impossible to count, and then one day I just stopped. During those years I  have knitted many other projects, even few baby sweaters for my friend's babies, but I have not made a single sweater for myself. Last year when I went to Rhinebeck I think I found my long lost passion for knitting sweaters. I have decided to knit and also write up the pattern. The knitting part, including photography is done, now it's just the less fun part, sitting in front of the computer and write up the pattern in seven different sizes. It's rather tedious work, but it will be eventually done. 

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Sep 15, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Oriana

It looks like I have a soft spot for owls. So far I have created four different patterns for owls. I also like cables. Therefore I have combined the two together and created pattern for Oriana. The first sample is done in Knitpicks  Color Mist yarn. The second sample is done in sport weight yarn held double.

The other owls

Oriana is worked from the bottom, in the round from center out. The body has a Saxon braided cable in the front and in the back. The head has simple stockinette stitch. The top is closed with Kitchener stitch. Two wings are knit separately and sewn on, or simply pick up the CO sts on the sides of the body at the beginning of stockinette stitch section. The ears are created by sewing through the top to the bottom a few times. Optional is to use knitted eyes instead of the two buttons. The beak is knit in the round and sewn on.

You can purchase the pattern in my Ravelry store (link on the side of the blog) or by clicking on this button:

Oriana and Oriana II
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Sep 12, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Mandala Scarf

Mandala Scarf

This completely reversible pattern is worked with knit and purl stitches only. Pictured sample is done in Lion Brand Mandala yarn, but similar color effect could be achieved by using skeins of different colors or just one color for more monochromatic approach. The 2x2 ribbing on both ends create a nice finishing touch.
The pattern offers two variety of Mandala Scarf pattern with two width options.
Finished Measurements:
Wide version: 54” (138 cm) long and 11” (28 cm) wide.
Thin version: 76” (193 cm) long and 8” (21 cm) wide.
The pattern can be purchased in my Ravelry Store or by clicking on this button:

Mandala Scarf
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