Apr 3, 2013

Too many hats to wear.

The oversized eyes that this cute Miranda, the owl has remind me of my own eyes after I finished reading one of the assigned books for my class "The Book". It seems that in today's world authors have to wear too many hats. We need to be the creative force behind the ideas and write. We also need to be a wizard in technology and computers, and create author's platforms and spend hours creating social connections. And most importantly, we need to market ourselves, which to me seems like I should switch my major and get at least an MBA in order to understand all the tricks and marketing rules.

I have a busy life (family to feed, home to clean, work to do, homework for school, friends to see, and other obligations) and I can devote only a certain amount of time to pursue the art of creating something new and interesting, may it be a new knitting toy, or pattern, or new picture, or piece of writing. Yet, the amount of time that I can devote to creativity seems to be cut short, by all the other aspects that I, the author, should pursue as well. It is a hard and difficult decision for every aspiring author, should we try to concentrate on marketing  the things that we have created, or should we rather let the creativity flow free and enjoy the richness and satisfaction that art can bring.

At the moment I am sitting on the fence, I would like to see that my work is valued and appreciated, but it seems to me that the cost is too high. If I have to spend most of the time I have available on the Internet doing marketing and promotions when  will I actually create something new?

The author of the book, strongly suggested that the blogs are registered with all of the blog catalogs, that it should increase traffic and exposure. Yet when I tried to do so, I basically wasted several hours and nothing really happened. Perhaps I should have spent that time creating instead. It would definitively be more rewarding and enjoyable.

I really appreciate all of the readers and visitors of this blog who found it without the blog being registered somewhere. It shows me that I am doing something right, and that people can find it.

Thank you for visiting.

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