Apr 22, 2013

The Book Project

After several months of hard work the book project is near its completion.
The book class will meet two more times and then the spring  semester is over. I have turned in the fourth chapter of my knitting book and as far as the  requirements for this class are concerned I am done. I will receive my grade for the class and could stop pursuing publishing the book. However, the work on my project will continue. Even though the majority of writing is done, and most of the samples and patterns are done, the process is not over yet.

I am entering the next level. I have to find the right publisher for the book.This step seems to be more intimidating and scary in many respects. How can I convince the editors at a  publishing house that my book is worth their time and money, and should be published? Can my book proposal enchant them, or will I receive the polite, yet dreadful rejection letter? Or should I skip this part of the process and self publish my book? The self publishing route might be faster, yet the aspect of having my book published by a real publishing house seems much more desirable. It would mean so much to me, not just the fact that the book is worth other people's time and money, but more importantly fulfilling my childhood dream of being a writer, even though the subjects and stories have evolved from my first story written in second grade.
I know the market for the book exists. This blog, and my knitting patterns prove it.

Thank you for visiting.

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