Sep 30, 2012

Rumbling Of the Soul

This post is not a typical one for this blog.

 Mostly my blog Stana's Critters Etc. is all about knitting and Knitting Patterns. The most favorite posts are those that are actual Knitting Patterns, and that's fine with me. I enjoy when other people make something that I have designed and created. It's actually very satisfying to see other people's project and interpretations of my designs and ideas. To see how much joy the knitted critters can bring to their recipients.

But there is more to me, than knitting. Usually, I try to keep it out of the way, but today I feel like sharing this other part of me with you, my readers.  As a perpetual student in the field of Creative Writing I take various writing classes, and this spring I took a poetry class. It was interesting class and even though I do not consider myself a poet I enjoyed it. I must have done something right because the professor asked for a signed copy of my work titled "Voices of Babel". It's a visual poem with words in several languages repeating the same words "My journey through life from birth to death". The professor even suggested to me that I should submit the work. But the world of aspiring writers is filled with endless piles of rejection letters and unreplied query letters. Once in a while I feel so helpless that I want to give up, but it's like with the knitting, once you started you cannot stop. You may leave it aside for a while, but you always return to it.  I would like to end this post with another poem from the portfolio I created during the poetry class. The portfolio was titled Journeys and I hope that you will all enjoy the journeys you have ahead.
Thank you for visiting.

I walk alone
To visit the place
Where I buried
My dream


  1. Would you please post your "Voices of Babel" poem? I am intrigued and would like to read it!

    I just started knitting, and found your site through the website knittingpatterncentral, and the minions pattern. I am really enjoying your posts so far! Thank you for the wonderful blog!


    1. Hello. Thank you very much for your wonderful comment.
      The poem "Voices of Babel" is actually on top of this post. It's a visual poem. I have used the photograph of clouds on sky I took one early morning and wrote the words "My journey through life from birth to death" onto the photograph, in the shape of clouds as they were moving above me. I think I have used 15 different languages in that poem, but all say the same "My journey through life from birth to death". It would work even better if I made recornings of various people's voices saying those words and have that play in the background while you look at the photograph with the words written on it.