May 27, 2017

Work in Progress III.

This past week I have been concentrating on editing and writing. It's an important step in the whole process that takes to create a good knitting pattern.


Soon, the pattern for these knitted bowls will be available.

Also the pattern for Triangle Baby Blanket should be coming out sometime next week. The blanket is a fairly simple intarsia worked in a garter stitch.

Triangle Baby Blanket
Ruby, the toy mystery KAL is almost over and next week the final pattern will be available. 

Ruby, mystery KAL

Our puppy seems to be in many of my knitting projects pictures. He tends to fall asleep next to me when I am working on my knitting projects. Or perhaps its the other way around, when he is asleep I can actually knit uninterrupted.
Cloudy Day Wrap

Kittie or Mice Bag?
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