Mar 11, 2017


Life can be full of surprises. In my knitting world I missed the sixth anniversary of this blog existence. However I do have a good reason; even though I try to keep my knitting world and my personal world separated the two has combined together in a strange twist of fate.

I had been diagnosed with DVT, and PE, I am happy to be alive, and am under the care of doctors. This is my second occurrence of DVT; about twelve years ago I had a brand new baby and was admitted to a hospital with massive DVT. It was hard; my family lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, my husband had to go to work to keep us afloat, and to keep our health insurance, and I was in pain, alone, and scared of not having the opportunity to watch my kid grow up. This time, things are slightly better. Luckily we still have health insurance, though when the doctor's bills will start arriving it will get tough, but I have a job to return to. Even though it's an hourly paid job that fits between the bus stop wait, I still have it. Also I have a blossoming and slowly growing side business for designing knitting patterns. Thank you for every single purchase of my knitting patterns, I really appreciate that, it encourages me to keep designing.

On my way to recovery I have to concentrate on positive thoughts, and focus on the fact that I am alive, and not to dwell on what could have happened.

This week I kept myself busy with reorganizing my yarn stash. It was something that I wanted to do for some time, but life was too busy with other things and commitments, but now I had the time and opportunity.

Here are some pictures from the process:
Yarn Pile - Blue and green shades
Yarn Pile - Dark to Light
Yarn Project - in the progress
Yarn Project - Dark to Light
Yarn Project - Colors
Yarn Project - Mix of yarn, books, and knitted toys
Thank you for visiting and for all of your support.

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