Aug 8, 2015

Toys for Library

Toys for Library
Once again, our local library have the summer reading program for children. The program encourages them to read. The volunteers record the time and books the children read, and for their time and participation the children receive raffle tickets. Each week there are plenty of prices to choose from.

I think that this year is my fourth or fifth year that I have donated several of my knitted toys towards the weekly prices. Each week one of my knitted toy find a new home. I see the amount of tickets in the container in front of my knitted toy each week, and I must admit it is rather enjoyable feeling to see how many children are interested in winning those handmade toys. Whenever we visit the library to pick our books, the librarians tell me all about how much joy and smiles the children had when they came to pick up their new toy.

For me personally, this is what knitting is about. The joy and happiness a handmade gift can bring.

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