Nov 8, 2014

Elmer, the elephant

Elmer, the elephant
In January I have picked the yarn at a store. The blue and white whispered: "stranded color work". I started almost immediately, and then life happened.

In March a huge box of yarn arrived from Cascade Yarns, and Elmer got left behind, unfinished legs and body without the head, waiting patiently.

Then in September, one of my favorite test knitters asked if I was considering to knit an elephant and did some color work as well. I immediately though of Elmer, and how he should be finished. So I returned to him and worked on his trunk, head and tusks.

In October I was busy with Mystery KAL in my group on Ravelry, as well as working on The Book Project, but I managed to squeeze in Elmer, and wrote the pattern.

This month the pattern is test knitted and polished, and will be available in early December.

Sometimes things get done quickly, and sometimes it takes time. We, knitters, learn to work one stitch at the time, patiently waiting for the beautiful object that our hands, two or four needles, and a ball of yarn can create.

Elmer, the elephant is going to a new home in December as well.

Shhh, it is a secret (for now) who will receive him.

Thank you for visiting.

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