Mar 1, 2014

101 Snowballs

Snowballs - beginning

Snowballs started one year when we had way too much snow, but too powdery and not good enough to make perfect snowballs. It occurred to me that it would be easier to knit one rather than try to make one. My idea turned into the knitting pattern, which was published in Petite Purls, Winter 2012, Issue 11.

The 100 snowballs project started shortly after the day we had to reschedule my child's birthday party due to another snowstorm. It seems that snowstorms or ice storms happens with regularity on the day we plan to have the birthday party.  The plan is to celebrate half birthday in the middle of summer with a great snowball battle, and ice cream.

Now the question is how many snowballs are needed for a great snowball battle......
...a few?

...about fifty?

...or 101 snowballs?
I cannot wait for the summer to arrive and see for myself.
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