Sep 15, 2013

The Big Picture

Monster Al and his friends
Few weeks ago I have returned to school again. I feel like a perpetual student since I have been attending schools for such a long time. It is a running joke in my family, that I will graduate about the same time as our child. I hope that this is not the case and I will reach my goal long before that. This semester I am working on my Thesis project. Since I am creative writing major I had the freedom to pick my Thesis in the creative field. The travels and adventures of Monster Al and his friends will be subject of my Thesis Project, and the knitting patterns for them will be included.
I am so excited to work on this project and make the knitting patterns available around the end of this semester.

I have not forgotten The Book Project, my book of more then twenty knitting patterns that I started to work on during my last semester. In my naïve enthusiasm, I thought that I can have it done before the new semester begins. As always, life happens and the work is not done, yet. However, I did not stop working on The Book Project and the book (or e-book) of knitting patterns will be available as soon as everything is done and ready.

Last, but not least, I wanted to mention my knitted monsters project. An e-book with several knitting patterns for cute and cuddly monsters is in the works and life permitting should be available shortly. The monsters created for this project will travel again to  Hope Garden.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Ein süßes Foto!!! Sehr schön! Ich verfolge noch immer deinen Blog und auch auf Facebook habe ich dich entdeckt. Liebe Grüße aus Chemnitz - Grit

    1. Hello Grit,
      danke schon fur ihre worte. I hope that it is correct sentence in German Thank you for your words.
      Thank you very much for all your caring and supportive words, I really appreciate them.
      Greetings from my heart to yours.