May 26, 2013

Just a bit of nonsense

Kevin and Slug
Once again I took the needle felting class in our local library. I love to create something random and funny, poking the needle into the wool rowing and creating whatever I feel like at the moment.

Kevin, the alien is one of those random creations. I was experimenting with the shape and colors combinations, and he seems to be a friendly looking alien.

Slug was inspired by the creation my child made using play dough and clay. It most likely originated when we watched the movie "Flushed Away" and the singing slugs featured in the movie.  Even months after we saw the movie I still have at least a dozen slugs made of play dough and clay displayed all over the house. Whenever I discover one of those slugs I have to smile. And I am  thankful for the opportunity to have an excuse to get creative myself and do something random and funny out of fiber instead of another scarf, hat, socks, sweater, or mittens.

On another bright side, I have finally finished posting the entire children book "Monster Al" on my blog. Please check it out. Next step is to write up the knitting patterns.

Thank you for visiting.

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