Jan 12, 2013

The difference in sizes

Sometimes people ask me which yarn to use, or which needle size I use in my patterns.

I like to leave the choice of yarn for the person who knits the toy for several reasons. People visit this blog from all over the world and sometimes the yarn I use cannot be bought in their home, or sometimes I use yarn that I have inherited from my grandmother (in this case that kind of yarn is no longer available anywhere). I usually suggest the thickness of yarn that I use, but even that can be tricky because everyone knits differently. Someone's knitting may be more loose while other's may be more tight. My knitting can vary from project to project.

Similar situation applies to the size of knitting needles. In my patterns I  write the needle size that I have used for that particular project, but it does not mean that everyone should use the same size of needles as well. Some people prefer to knit on larger needle sizes and some have no trouble to use the needle size I use on my toys. The needles are always only suggested but not required.

What I think is important to follow in my patterns are the number of stitches and the number of rows.  Before I write down any pattern I make several samples, after I write the pattern I use test knitters to test my patterns. That way I can see that the patterns are doable, not just by me personally but by others as well.

On the photograph you can see three samples of Miranda, the owl.
Two of the samples were made on the same needle size ( US3/3.25mm) and the smaller sample was made with needles size (US1/2.25mm).
The samples were made in  various yarns. For the red and white owl I have used Caron Simply Soft yarn (worsted weight acrylic). For the small owl I have used Cascade Yarns Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yarn (mixed merino superwash and nylon) and for the third owl I have used yarn that was given to me by my mom (it was a box of yarn that belonged to my grandmother) I just used yarn in the same thickness, or I used double yarn if the yarn was too thin.

But all three samples have the same amount of stitches and rows.
The toys are different in height, but all of them are same in the proportions. Which is what is important in toy knitting.
Here is a link that takes you to the pattern page for Miranda, the owl
Miranda, the owl

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