Mar 22, 2012

Lottery Winners...

This morning we had the lottery. We used this knitted hat which was inspired by Dr. Seuss book Cat in the Hat.
My child had so much fun doing it, that we ended up with two winners per each category. All winners will receive the knitted toy, or one of my knitting patterns for sale for free (the winners will choose the pattern they would like to receive).

1. Huggaluf - the winners are:
1. Knotted Fingers
2. Holly Gundolfi

2.Earthy colors Bear - the winners are:
1. Karolina
2. Neicee

3.Green colors Bear - the winners are:
1. Wanda
2. Suzanne - Love my fiber
4.Free Pattern - the winners are:
2. Michelle Wennis

The free pattern to choose from are:
1. Mini Pig
2. Mini Cat
3. Huggaluf
4. Huggaluf Baby


Thank you for visiting.
PS: To sort out the shipping please send me email to this email address:


  1. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!doin' the HaPpY DaNcE!!

  2. Just learned this morning that I am one of the happy winners. WooHoo!!!! Thank you.

  3. Congratulations to all winners!!!! I am glad that the toys are finding new homes. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!